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If you've made it this far, you probably want to know more about me and my background! This page used to be written in the 3rd person, but it feels silly to pretend I haven't written it myself.

I grew up in the very suburban town of Nutley, NJ, and I began my professional career at the age of 9 of my own volition with a lot of familial support. After a few local shows, I booked my first professional gig, and it all rapidly snowballed from there into a 


Sometime around age 12, her passion for acting as an art form began to ignite, and she began to revel in the challenges of physical theatre and her studies of "the craft."



Through middle school and high school, Samantha continued to work professionally in the NY/NJ area. By the age of 18, her resume included numerous Off-Broadway productions, film, commercial, and television credits. She eventually took a break from the professional world to earn her BFA in Acting from The Theatre School at DePaul University. Immediately after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles where she currently resides and continues to work in TV, film, and stage.


Sam also works as an acting coach and has served as Camp Director, counselor, and instructor at Young Actors Camp. She enjoys helping the next generation of passionate young artists to grow in their abilities and navigate the industry.

She is extremely passionate about LGBTQ+ representation both in front of and behind the scenes. She is a proud co-founder of Four Walls and a Stage, a theatre company with a commitment to human-centric stories and the queer community. In addition to acting, she practices photography, writes, goes on motorcycle rides, and is constantly seeking new adventures and opportunities.

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